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Fast Touch - Mobile Data Terminal Solution Brief

Fast Touch is a Mobile Data Terminal solution designed for police and emergency services use.

Fast Touch allows users to interact with dispatch operators and back end database systems over a digital radio network.

The user interface is based on mobile touch screen technology - removing the need for a keyboard.
Task dispatch, online databases, messaging, mapping and vehicle control are all integrated into one consistent user interface.










Fast Touch provides the following benefits to users:

  •  Reduces the need for communications over voice radio.
  •  Allows dispatchers to monitor the status of jobs without interrupting field units.
  •  Allows mobile units to access information directly, without requiring dispatchers to be involved.
  •  Mobile units receive a detailed task listing, reducing misunderstandings and allowing more information to be available to them.
  •  Gives mobile units an accessible list of tasks, allowing them to move to new jobs immediately.

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